Web developer with an emphasis on managed content and web publishing.





Self-Employed, Woodbridge, VA — Software Engineer

November 2001 - PRESENT

Currently I construct web frontend and intranet (Microsoft SharePoint) components, for a large Canadian IT and management consulting company (CGI Group), on a contract basis. Previously I provided such services to American Management Systems, a company they acquired. I build managed content and brochure sites for local small businesses.

Exmplar, Inc., Fairfax, VA — Software Engineer

August 2007 - January 2008

I built internal web tools with ASP.NET and C# to manage campaigns for clients such as Staples and West Marine, at an analytics and email marketing company.

Siteworx, Inc., Reston, VA — Software Engineer

February 2005 - April 2007

I built web frontend components for clients such as AOL, the College Board, NAFSA, and National Geographic. I contributed to the codebase of an enterprise-grade content management system built in Python 2.


Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

August 2002 - August 2004

Pursued undergraduate studies in computer science and entomology.

Gar-Field Senior High School, Woodbridge, VA

August 1998 - May 2002

Received advanced diploma, received 5 IB certificates, took 3 AP exams including both levels of Computer Science and Government and Politics.


CynerGI — Corporate global intranet publishing platform

I build and maintain frontend components for a large, heavily customized set of SharePoint installations for CGI Group. I have implemented features such as a drilldown search powered by AJAX, with infinite scrolling, and a unified system of multilingual navigation and page headers with crosslinks between languages. — DVD retail site

In 2007, I constructed the content management system for National Geographic’s DVD store, while at Siteworx. I built the Zope backend, wrote the middleware connector and payment processing connector in Python, and scripted the batch import of the item catalog and the thousands of image assets related to the items. I contributed to frontend development, including form validation and the checkout workflow, which used continuations across multiple page requests and handled the back button.

AOL SmartBox — Suggest-as-you-type search enhancement

At Siteworx I also built the Javascript frontend for a competitor to Google Suggest that lived on The frontend component progressively enhanced a regular search input field with a dynamic list of suggestions for searches, based on what was entered in the input field. Special care was taken to ensure functionality across multiple domains (using a <script> element instead of AJAX), and to reduce input latency and predict text input in a smooth and responsive manner. The suggestion output was accessible and constructed in a semantic format that was conducive to screenreaders and other assistive technology.